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I get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you I read this hideous top-ten list of songs about female masturbation. Clearly, Divinyls has the only popular song featuring female masturbation. Such a classic that in the My-So-Called life episode where Angela sneaks out and goes to an early … Continue reading

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Levels of Sexual Abstraction

Tonight I had an extremely informative and enlightening conversation on a topic, which I have thought about extensively but, apparently, not through this male-centric perspective. Cum-shot pornography: That was the topic on hand.   Two things that I had never … Continue reading

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And Now For Some Scholarship

Garcia (1982) studied stereotypes about males and female sexuality. He exposed male and female participants to erotic slides of either a male or a female target, and gave them bogus information about how much sexual experience the target had. Participants … Continue reading

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In Defense Of Getting Off

Getting off is the most easily defensible act ever. Yet, absurdly, on a semi-regular basis, I find myself in a position where I feel the need to explain myself, as if something as fundamentally magnificent as the desire to get … Continue reading

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