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The Hierarchy of Bodily Functions

Andy is seriously fucking up my sleep schedule because he wakes up at a normal time regardless of how late he goes to sleep. Last time I fucked him, the next morning he insisted, “One day I am going to … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Masturbatory Deprivation

The fallacy of masturbatory postponement is the next orgasm you have is never the same as it would have been without the delay. After a week or so, your first orgasm is a slap-in-the-face. Overstimulated and oversensitive, you wish the … Continue reading

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daria:   I feel like you should post about leaking, because maybe some girls will find it and be enlightened me:   ha ha, my 13-yr-old viewership daria: the ones who googled about parents walking in while masturbating, or whatever it was … Continue reading

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sex pretty much cures everything

When I broke up with my boyfriend, I was so traumatized sexually that I quit masturbating—as much as is humanly possible. Let’s say I “cut down” drastically. When I explain to my friends how much I hated masturbating, they say, … Continue reading

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the slippery slope of ass fingering

Janine: i finally came around to the finger up the ass bit but it took years as in doing it to guys Janine: i’m not keen on it myself me: ha ha me: whose ass has the honor Janine: brad … Continue reading

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the inevitable downfall of a sexual narcissist

When my boyfriend and I broke up permanently, I thought the meanest thing I could possibly do was to ask him to throw out the naked pictures of me. It finalized the break up (I hadn’t asked him to get … Continue reading

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hippies think bodies are beautiful

As long as we are on the topic, let me tell you about giving naked pictures to guys. My senior year of college, when my relationship suddenly became long distance, I gave my boyfriend a stack of naked pictures of … Continue reading

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