I feel like you should post about leaking, because maybe some girls will find it and be enlightened


ha ha, my 13-yr-old viewership

daria: the ones who googled about parents walking in while masturbating, or whatever it was



you knowwww what pisses me off

when i was in ny last weekend i stayed with my friend chrissy as always

and she didnt let us hook us

despite the copious amounts of precum filled spooning

me: ha ha, oh, chrissy, you told me about her

charlie: yea

me: prude girls, what a shame

charlie: yes

i was 2-3 dry humps away from jizzin

me: ha ha

i have never counted anything in terms of dry humps before, but i like it

charlie: you would if you were 24 and a V and a dude and leaked lots of PC

me: you could have had an american pie moment

charlie: haha yea or not see i didnt want to weird her out

me: the other night daria and i were talking about girls leaking

charlie: nice


i love the idea of leaking

me: because when we were younger, before we learned to get ourselves off, we leaked all over the place, and that is a prob when you have to wear skirts to school

charlie: HA@@@@!

love it that is so fuckin hot

me: daria asked her mom for pantiliners when she was like 12 and her mom asked if she got her period, and when she said no she kind of had to explain

and young girls wear white undies so the wet sort of shows through

even though it never seeps through

just piles up and possibly runs down your legs

charlie: wowowo

i never knew pre-teen girls got wet like that

ill never look at a 11 year old the same

this is like

when in 8th grade i shaved my pubes

and forgot to flush the T

and my mom found them and confronted me asking me if i was being sexually abused and trying to look “younger for someone”

me: preteen girls get wet like that because if you don’t get off, you drip constantly. it is like guys getting wet dreams. god jacks off guys in their sleep and makes girls drip all day long.

ha ha ha, i know, daria told me that story, it is hilarious

kids shave things, it is experimental, but your mom’s conclusion was creative

charlie: my mom is nuts

but wow

still cant get over that

didnt know

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