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my irrational fear of herpes

I have this irrational fear of herpes. I know you are thinking a fear of herpes isn’t unreasonable, but the amount of fear is immoderate given the mild nature of the fear-provoking stimulus. It isn’t herpes, itself, that I fear … Continue reading

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like mother, like daughter, part two

me: i think my mom has been with more guys then i have Daria: well, she is considerably older than you me: thanks for my weekly sexual humiliation, gossip girl! Daria: haha   And here I thought I was a slut! … Continue reading

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like mother, like daughter, part one

This week, the sidewalks of Gossip Girl were inhabited, as usual, by adults posing as teenagers. In a fit of adolescent immaturity, Lily and Rufus produce lists of their previous partners. But not to compare war stories (which, of course, … Continue reading

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ten years in hotel masturbation, a retrospective

My friends and I used to discuss whether we had ever masturbated ‘til we bled. There is that annoying sore thing, which is so self-perpetuating. Girls get sore so easily and once you are sore, you can feel your vagina … Continue reading

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the viewership, part two

gchat status: genie might give you the link to her blog, if you ask really nicely   jordan: oh pretty please! i don’t have enough blogs to read!! me: ha ha, i’m not sure if i am supposed to take … Continue reading

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the viewership, part one

This is an exhaustive list of the search terms eliciting corresponding results through which people arrived at my blog between the dates of Novermber 20th, 2009 and March 20th, 2009. To consolidate the list and avoid tediously reporting the hit-by-hit … Continue reading

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The Social Psychology of Sexual Decision Making

This is an excerpt from a social psychology test I recently submitted. I analyze the situation described in “You can’t improve upon perfection,” using concepts from our social psychology text book, “The Social Animal.”   In case you are wondering, … Continue reading

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the oral phase/plight of a ho bag

me: i was talking to laura [my cousin, who is in her mid-thirties—approximately ten years older than i am] today about what a “fuck date” is and she was asking me how i knew i was going on fuck dates … Continue reading

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masturbate for health!

I received this pro-masturbation propaganda in my school inbox courtesy of the “The Sexpert,” because clearly I need more incentive to masturbate. They should affix “remember to masturbate regularly” reminders in the school showers alongside those useless and ignored “monthly … Continue reading

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