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Penis Lineup

PENIS LINEUP (August 2011) Me: Last night I slept with Clyde McManus. I suppose that is the quintessential NYC nightlife experience? Paul: Doesn’t count unless you checked in on Foursquare. But omg why did you do that? Me: Ha ha, … Continue reading

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Pool Party

POOL PARTY (August 2011) Literally impossible to go to the (ironically named) Grace Hotel and not get fingered. Just so slippery…. Whoopsies! Hey, kids, get stoked! “Pool party, baby, it was a cool party, cool pool party la la la … Continue reading

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Frigid Vagina

FRIGID VAGINA (August 2011) I ignored Davey of moral outrage fame indefinitely, assuming he knew why. Davey: Why the cold shoulder? Me: You mean the frigid vagina? Davey: I wasn’t commenting on the temperature of your vagina. Sent him the … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Fuck a Small Town Girl?

Who Wants to Fuck a Small Town Girl? (August 2011) When I told my de facto, grad school thesis advisor I wanted to go to med school, she questioned, “Are you suuuure? Do you know what getting no sleep is … Continue reading

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In Exile

Let’s play a little catch up. Sure, I’ve been on blog hiatus for 2 ½ years. Before my past year of medical misery, I was getting fucked, despite my best efforts not to. Seriously guys, I tried not to have … Continue reading

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guys who love cock and lick pussy, part 4

Since our mediocre encounter, my need to get off increased astronomically. Half of me was like, I guess he sensitized me to sex and now I’m into it again. Makes sense considering I can’t really get into porn if I … Continue reading

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