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MANGINA (February 2012)   At approximately 2pm on a Friday afternoon, I received a puzzling text message from Davey with some sort of media attachment. Couldn’t make out exactly what it was from the thumbnail, but I knew better than … Continue reading

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ELEPHANTING (February 2012) Clyde contacted me a bunch of times over the next few months, and I was able to defer indefinitely because I was legit not in the city. Must have followed my whereabouts on facebook, though. He knew … Continue reading

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Special Now?

SPECIAL NOW? (October 2011) When I texted Davey to sow the seed for our ensuing encounter, I was very specific about our going out in public together. Me: You free tomorrow night? Davey: I have an early dinner with mom. … Continue reading

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Twitter Dick

TWITTER DICK (OCTOBER 2011)   If I were a character in Home Alone, I would be referred to as “les incompetents.” There’s no way my tiny body can handle his huge cock. Organ-crushing cannot even begin to describe it. We … Continue reading

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Parts Intact

Parts Intact (October, 2011) When I was home, briefly, for a long weekend in October, I booked my fuck dates very carefully according to penis size. To ensure I could fit in as many guys as possible (literally, but not … Continue reading

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