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Face Fuck, Part 1

Face Fuck, Part 1 August, 2014 Ask two Jews, get three opinions. —Jewish Proverb Three Opinions, All mine 1) Late July I had a stern talk with myself: You need to get over yourself and get fucked. Mediocre sex is … Continue reading

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Adventures in Anti-Depression, Part 1

Adventures in Anti-Depression, Part 1 June 2014   Antidepressants will be the death of me. They don’t work on me like they work on normal people, murdering my libido. No matter how drained I am of life drive, my sex … Continue reading

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Retroactive Interference

So Retro August 8th, 2014 Compared to my sex life at age twenty-four, Lena Dunham’s Girls is an afterschool special. Gratuitous sex? Yes ma’am! Cautionary tale? Not quite. The summer after my first year in grad school (2009), I had … Continue reading

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The Herps: Postmortem

So Worth It July 27th, 2014   When we were through, I thought about how it was good enough so that even if I acquired a minor social disease from him, it still woulda been worth it. Which is how … Continue reading

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Femme Fatale

Fatalism, Nihilism, Rock ‘n Roll (in the Bret Easton Ellis sense)   April 13th, 2014 Andrew: I have never had an online connection lead to anything once. Me: Seriously? Not even awkward sex? Andrew: Zero. Isn’t that strange? Andrew: Like, … Continue reading

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