Semen Achieved

Martin Shkreli is the philanthropist who keeps on giving. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s harness humility and say grace for the substance I am most thankful for: semen. Not his.

Below is a conversation I had with The Man Writer featured in Keepsake nearly a year and a half before Martin became wayyy more famous than him. (Debatably, than he.) For those of you who patiently pined to know what dating/fucking The Most Hated Man In America was like, here is your bread and manbutter.

The style is in the substance. The style is in the substance. Chant with me, my friends and frenemies and straight up enemies. And ex lovers who fear me, and ex lovers who wanna be me.

Semen Achieved

(August 24th, 2014)

In which I fuck and suck a preacher’s son for his glorious bounty.

Red Semen Achieved 1

Red Semen Achieved 2

So bizarre. Before Martin, I always assumed shower meant automatic cleanup. And presumptive discretion.

Martin Business Week Article.jpg

Red Semen Achieved 3

Always figured he bought the rights to oxytocin nasal spray, Novartis’ Syntocinon, so when he failed to please women he could placate them instead.

Trouble breastfeeding. Trouble sucking women dry.

Hashtag settling.

Red Semen Achieved 4

Red Semen Achieved 5.jpg

The novice Peter North I’m referring to is The Minnesotan from BJ Haterz Need Not Apply.

Red Semen Achieved 6.jpg

**my college boyfriend

This refers to the guy I dated senior year of college. I talk about him in The Series of One-Oh-Eight and  Hippies Think Bodies are Beautiful and The Inevitable Downfall of a Sexual Narcissist.

Wonderfully weird eyeball vagina youtube video.

Red Semen Achieved 7.jpg

Red Semen Achieved 8.jpg

Red Semen Achieved 9

Red Semen Achieved 10.jpg

Only someone who has watched a lot of porn would specify such time intervals.

Red Semen Achieved 11

Hashtag nosedrugs.

We just say sex.

How divorced are we from animal instinct that we have to specify cream pie. I weeeeep for society. Civilization and its motherfucking discontents.

Red Semen Achieved 12.jpg

Hashtag younglove.

Brains Out

(May 17th, 2014)

Red Brains Out 1.jpg

Red Brains Out 2

Hashtag blessed.





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