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In Your Face

LIVE PORN Spring, 2006 Genie: hey nick, you know what i love about myself Genie: when most people look at porn they are like, this is like sex, but on tv… when i have sex i’m like, this is like … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Vagina, Part 1

HEART SHAPED VAGINA, PART 1   OBLIGATORY Ever the sexual opportunist, I organized a non-traditional Valentine’s Day party. Here’s an abridged version of the invite: Event: Not getting laid on Valentine’s Day? Tagline: A celebration of drinks and despair. Description: … Continue reading

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Bring Out the Big Cocks

Bring Out the Big Cocks (May 5th, 2013) I figured our relationship had expired—we had run out of utility to one another. Until he messaged me with a devilish, implied request. And I lit up from the inside like a … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Fuck a Small Town Girl?

Who Wants to Fuck a Small Town Girl? (August 2011) When I told my de facto, grad school thesis advisor I wanted to go to med school, she questioned, “Are you suuuure? Do you know what getting no sleep is … Continue reading

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