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MANGINA (February 2012)   At approximately 2pm on a Friday afternoon, I received a puzzling text message from Davey with some sort of media attachment. Couldn’t make out exactly what it was from the thumbnail, but I knew better than … Continue reading

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Special Now?

SPECIAL NOW? (October 2011) When I texted Davey to sow the seed for our ensuing encounter, I was very specific about our going out in public together. Me: You free tomorrow night? Davey: I have an early dinner with mom. … Continue reading

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Parts Intact

Parts Intact (October, 2011) When I was home, briefly, for a long weekend in October, I booked my fuck dates very carefully according to penis size. To ensure I could fit in as many guys as possible (literally, but not … Continue reading

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Penis Lineup

PENIS LINEUP (August 2011) Me: Last night I slept with Clyde McManus. I suppose that is the quintessential NYC nightlife experience? Paul: Doesn’t count unless you checked in on Foursquare. But omg why did you do that? Me: Ha ha, … Continue reading

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Pool Party

POOL PARTY (August 2011) Literally impossible to go to the (ironically named) Grace Hotel and not get fingered. Just so slippery…. Whoopsies! Hey, kids, get stoked! “Pool party, baby, it was a cool party, cool pool party la la la … Continue reading

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Frigid Vagina

FRIGID VAGINA (August 2011) I ignored Davey of moral outrage fame indefinitely, assuming he knew why. Davey: Why the cold shoulder? Me: You mean the frigid vagina? Davey: I wasn’t commenting on the temperature of your vagina. Sent him the … Continue reading

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moral outrage

There is this guy I hook up with every so often. I shouldn’t even phrase it like that; I should say, “There is this guy I’ve hooked up a few times over the years.” The amount of contact makes it … Continue reading

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